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about us

We are a consulting agency with a difference – and with more than 50 years combined experience as expats in Spain.

A consulting agency traditionally learns about your goals, sets out ITS ideas for how it thinks you can grow, and puts a large (often faceless) team onto it.

our mission

Here at EDMS, we are different.

We go above and beyond, doing everything a consulting agency does- from offering recommendations, helping with your papers, giving business advice, networking, and even designing your ads- but even more.

If you have ever longed for the days when you received a personal service from the businesses you worked with, you’re not alone.

From bank managers to advisors and even handwritten cards, it sometimes feels like the days when you receive an honest, hardworking personal service are behind us.

And while the rest of the world may believe in doing everything by Zoom, email and messages, we at EDMS Consulting Spain believe in doing everything the right way- in person, with you every step of the way for your business needs.

Yes, we use every latest tools necessary for a modern business – in fact, staying ahead of the curve when it comes to tech is one of our biggest strengths- but beyond that we also believe in good old fashioned meetings, brain storming, feeling the emotions- and the passion- behind your goals.

We are not just a consulting agency – we are next to you each step of the way of your journey.

We don’t say we can do all of this ourselves but we know the best people who can.

If you are moving over to launch you new life or business anywhere in Spain, ensure you make time to enjoy a coffee with us first.

It’s too expensive – not to.

“Don’t be afraid to give up the good to go for the great.”

John D. Rockerfeller

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